Energy Healing and Aura Cleansing

Energy Healing & Aura Cleansing


A leaking aura can be thought of as a torn curtain from which your ‘Prana’, or natural life-energy source, can leak. This can attract psychic ‘parasites’ from the Astral Planes which will seek to attach themselves to this energy source, thus depleting your natural source of power through which your spiritual essence flows.


Product Description

Repair Your Leaking Aura, Restore Spiritual Wellbeing, Remove Blockages, Achieve Physical Harmony

If you experience a run of misfortune or suffer from general bad luck in your daily interactions and lifelong ambitions, then you may have a leaking aura. Your aura may become torn for many reasons, from the stresses of everyday living to emotional or physical trauma. This directly affects your physical wellbeing.

As a primary symptom, you may feel tired, drained or out of sorts for prolonged periods or at times when you haven’t sufficiently exerted yourself to experience such physical depletion.

Over time, you may experience relationship difficulties, trouble in attracting new love, career obstacles or a general feeling that things just do not go your way. In short, a recurring sense of being out of favour with the Universe.

As this is a distance healing session, I psychically scan for the source of your energy loss. I will then perform healing and light-work to repair your leaking, damaged or drained aura together with a full aura closing and cleansing through this energy healing and repair session.


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