Negativity Sweep

Negativity Sweep Reading


Is someone or something directing forces at you or trying to control or manipulate you without you realizing it such as by psychic attack, psychic vampirism, or using other methods to send negativity to you such as dark energy streams? This psychic reading identifies the sources, the effects on you and how to neutralize these energies.

Product Description

What energies are blocking you?

Do you feel that things in your life are not going right for you but you are not really sure of the source? You may be feeling under the weather or maybe you have had a run of bad luck, maybe someone has finished with you unexpectedly, or you have not been able to get the love that you have wanted or needed.

Alternatively, you may have had the experience of someone blacking you in your career path or financially or in any other way or you may feel that generally something is not quite right but can’t put a finger on why this is – but you know something is not quite right within your stratosphere of your existence. You may be experiencing energy loss, over-tiredness, listlessness, not feel refreshed on awakening.

This reading is tailored to look in to these questions, as well as pinpoint and uncover just who or what is responsible for this within your life.


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