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Lightpath-Worker Sparkler Spell (Video)

This is a brief spell. Simply concentrate on the video clip of the sparkler and imagine getting what you want. By putting more energy in to the sparkler and sending a beam of light towards it you will also further empower the spell. This is a Light-Path spell working.

Strange Mist

Spirit In The Sky

This photo was taken on 14th July 2015 – it was a 30 second exposure using an infra-red filter. When looked at on screen a strange apparition had appeared in the sky. It appears to be supernatural in origin – perhaps an Angel or some other entity. On closer inspection the entity appears to be […]

Lights In A Night Fairy Garden (Video)

This garden is ruled over in parts by different spirits who do different jobs. Part is a Voodoo Garden, part an Egyptian Garden, part a Kitsune Garden where food is left for wild foxes and this part in the video clip close up, is a Fairy Garden. The clip has music on so if you […]