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Beltane 2018

Maytime Festival Brings Energy And Sun

We had a Hobby Horse ready for Beltane a few weeks ago and he is still with us. We will-probably be using him in our Midsummer festivities too. There is so much magick around at the moment. It is floating though the air like an electric miasma and it gives a wonderful feeling of energy […]

Straw Doll by Candles

Imbolc Rituals 2017

The coven performed extensive Imbolc rituals in the early hours of 2nd February 2017. We baked and iced a very special cake which was then decorated all over with sugar flowers and left under a Hawthorne tree along with the doll shown in the photo. Imbolc is the first fire festival of the New Year […]

Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox And The Seasons

In the ‘Chambers book Of Facts’ published in 2003, it states that in the northern hemisphere, spring lasts from 21st March to 21st June, the summer from 21st June to 23rd September, autumn or fall lasts from 23rd September to 21st December and winter lasts from 21st December to 21st March. So the seasons are […]

Scarborough Castle

Haunted Scarborough Castle

There are probably a number of places in the world called ‘Scarborough’. This is the original Scarborough which is in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. It is the place that the original poem ‘Scarborough Fair’ was actually about. The poem – later turned in to a song – featured a witch and a warlock trying […]

Imbolc Candles

Imbolc Ceremony

At the beginning of February the coven engaged in a welcoming Imbolc ceremony. As this is a special festival of Bridget we had a ceremonial doll and lots of candles which were interwoven in the rituals. The symbols of Imbolc which is also known as Candlemas in the Christian Church, are catkins and snowdrops. it […]

Christmas Morning Moon

Christmas Morning Moon

This is a picture taken within the last hour of  the Christmas Morning Moon.  It is still dark here even though it is after 7.00 am in the morning.  The Coven has been doing some special Christmas Power rituals to tap in ot the full energy of the Christmas Celebration around the world. The tree […]

Real Mystery Stains Fantasy Backdrop

This Kindle-based book delves into a puzzling mystery dating back to the nineteenth century. A home of splendour and elegance is commissioned by a mill owner’s son. It was to be graced by royalty and plagued by misery. The source of the ill-fortune surrounding its residents remains unknown to this day. Remnants of this history […]

Spirit Orbs In Orbit (Video)

We have been involved in the paranormal and spiritual world almost forever and these mini clips were originally made in 2008. The first one is a kind of underground office or meeting room on a windowless basement level.  Outside the room there is another entrance to a kitchen and an elevator to go up to […]

The 'Demon' Bridge

Demon Bridge Energies

The coven did further open air rituals late at night on ground near to the bridge shown here. I discovered the presence of some very powerful spirits here back in 2009. They have very power packed energy which can easily be felt.