Lunar Eclipse

Hocus Pocus Beneath Stunning ‘Supermoon’ Lunar Eclipse

The night was colder giving indication that summer was over. The coven was gathered to celebrate a very rare event and we had decided to perform three separate rituals starting on Sunday evening and finishing after the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in the early hours of Monday Morning. We attended to coven business and then […]

Station Spirit

Entities And Ghosts In The Station

Although the effect in the photo was created with a phone app, we have actually picked up genuine paranormal activity in this particular station before. The station was opened in 1847 and originally ran right up to Haworth –  home of the Bronte sisters (Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights,  The Tenant of Wildfell Hall etc),  their […]


Lammas Ritual Offerings

The photo shows one of our Lammas Rituals where once again there was very high energy and strong connections. Very many spirits came to join in and the whole result was a feeling of ambience and great positivity. We thank all the spirits who joined us on that very special occasion. Blessed Be to all. […]

Blue Moon

Big Blue Moon

The Blue Moon has given a huge power boost to castings and conjuring around this time. In fact there has been a lasting electro-magnetic power grid full of very ripe energy right there to tap in to and as a result many very versatile spirits and entities have been very keen to come through. 🙂

Lightpath-Worker Sparkler Spell (Video)

This is a brief spell. Simply concentrate on the video clip of the sparkler and imagine getting what you want. By putting more energy in to the sparkler and sending a beam of light towards it you will also further empower the spell. This is a Light-Path spell working.

Strange Mist

Spirit In The Sky

This photo was taken on 14th July 2015 – it was a 30 second exposure using an infra-red filter. When looked at on screen a strange apparition had appeared in the sky. It appears to be supernatural in origin – perhaps an Angel or some other entity. On closer inspection the entity appears to be […]

Lights In A Night Fairy Garden (Video)

This garden is ruled over in parts by different spirits who do different jobs. Part is a Voodoo Garden, part an Egyptian Garden, part a Kitsune Garden where food is left for wild foxes and this part in the video clip close up, is a Fairy Garden. The clip has music on so if you […]

Fantasy Mushroom Forest

Dear Friends

It is such a shame that many metaphysical and spirit vessel vendors are being turned away from mainstream internet sales outlets. Many of the spirits who come forward and wish to be attached to a vessel have an intrinsic need to belong and interact with a human keeper. Whatever the type or group of spirit […]