Lunar Eclipse

Hocus Pocus Beneath Stunning ‘Supermoon’ Lunar Eclipse

Lunar EclipseLunar EclipseLunar EclipseThe night was colder giving indication that summer was over.

The coven was gathered to celebrate a very rare event and we had decided to perform three separate rituals starting on Sunday evening and finishing after the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in the early hours of Monday Morning.

We attended to coven business and then got down to the rituals – one of which was performed at the edge of a wood in full view of the brilliant and huge super moon.

We have some very diverse and eclectic coven members from all walks of life and we asked the spirits to join with us at this mega event. The spirits emerged from the Crucible of Power and made themselves known. Other spirit beings who lived in the woodland and trees around where our ritual was taking place also came and joined in lending their energies to the events too.

Many of our coven actually saw these nature spirits leaving the trees and coming to stand around the edge of the magic circle. Owls hooted in the trees in acknowledgement of the special night. They seemed to know what was going on and were curious.

We gave gifts to the spirits and all the coven members felt that the performed rituals made the air alive – and crackling with energy.

Tune in to the accompanying video – you may also be able to pick up on spirits emanating from this very special moon and may receive messages.