Imbolc Candles

Imbolc Ceremony

At the beginning of February the coven engaged in a welcoming Imbolc ceremony.

As this is a special festival of Bridget we had a ceremonial doll and lots of candles which were interwoven in the rituals. The symbols of Imbolc which is also known as Candlemas in the Christian Church, are catkins and snowdrops. it was a truly engaging and magickal experience and the coven also had a ceremonial Imbolc cake.

Talking of ceremonies – I once attended a function at a Freemason’s Lodge and actually walked on the symbolic black and white check carpet in the Masons’ ‘throne room’. The Great Architect is forever watching over us and it is very interesting to combine magickal styles like those employed in Chaos Magick. For those who feel they are really in need of instant clearing – try the ‘Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram’ which can be found on the internet.