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12-Month Forecast

12-Cards for Twelve Months


With the assistance of my trusted spirit guides, I take you on a journey of discovery to see what the coming year has in store for you. 12 cards will be drawn to trace a path across the physical and spiritual landscape that awaits you.

Product Description

12 Cards to Map Your Destiny Over the Coming Year

From your relationship outlook and career prospects to opportunities, obstacles and travel, this in-depth reading will provide guidance and direction to allow you to successfully navigate the next twelve months.

You will discover when to take chances, seize opportunities and when making changes would either be a positive or necessary step.

Should there be challenges ahead, you will know when to be cautious and how to successfully navigate any obstacles that cross your path.

If you require something more specific, you may opt instead to have the reading concentrate on a particular area of your life that you feel will be most prominent or in which significant changes are most likely to arise.


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    She gave me a great overview of the upcoming year. The prediction for January has come to pass. I recommend this reading to anyone. She doesn’t mention anything bad but her advice is so useful when negative things happen. Thank you 🙂

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