Ascended Masters Oracle Reading

Ascended Masters Oracle Reading


Here Lord Ganesha, the Egyptian Goddess Isis, Archangel Michael, the Green Man, The Gods Pan and Lugh, Maitraya, Quan Yin, the Ladies Oshun and Epona to name but a few bring forth divine counsel on your life's more challenging matters.

Product Description

Divine Guidance, Wisdom & Insight – Let the Ascended Masters Reveal Your Way Forward

The Ascended Masters are all higher beings of pure light – some of them chose not to move onto the next heavenly stage so that they could remain behind on Earth to help those in need, whilst others are indeed Gods and Goddesses themselves.

If you are seeking help from Spirit on challenging personal matters of any kind then the Immortals/the Spirits will come through these cards in to the reading and give you the assistance and support that you may need or be looking for with whatever questions that you have to put before them, uncovering the answers and opening the pathway to the light once again.


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