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Rose Petal Psychic Reading

Channelling with Rose Petals


Artificial rose petals are used for this reading and through my psychic intuition they allow me to get to the heart of any matter you currently face or are likely to experience in the very near future.

Product Description

Intuitive Wisdom to  Guide You Through Delicate Situations

Divining with rose petals is now an ancient art, having originated in classical Greece. The most beautiful and delicately scented petals were carefully collected especially for the reading.

On occasion, the diviner would wait for the petals to fall of their own accord and when collected, they would be gently tossed into the air and upon falling, their formations would foretell future events where the given situation or question was concerned.

These psychic readings are performed all year round even when roses are not in season as the clarity, beauty and bounty is captured within the essence of the artificial petals.


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