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Benevolent Wizard Finder

This is a very protective spirit that can do a multitude of things. He has an ear to the ground and has great tracking abilities so he is able not only to find wizards, but can identify witches and other occult practitioners as well. He has power in his own right as he works with elementals and has many spirit helpers who keep him informed of goings on in different astral planes. He can also do magick himself and he has special extra-terrestrial abilities to fly in to space too and identify UFO’s and other creatures from space that have merged with earthlings and become wizards. He is a super advanced version of an ordinary wizard finder with many extra abilities and talents.


Items may be reserved so long as a specified checkout date is provided. If you make a reservation request and I do not respond, I am away from my personal computer and therefore unable to do so – your message is not being ignored.

Please only request a reservation if you are 100% certain you wish to purchase the vessel. It is not always possible to re-home spirits that may be considered ‘rejected’ if you were to choose not to fulfil your commitment to them. The spirit may suffer considerable distress as a result so please bear this in mind when making your request.

Please contact me should you have any questions and I shall be happy to assist you.


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