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Custom Spell Casting

Custom Spell Casting


For anything and everything, this spell is of your creation and imagination to bring about necessary or desired changes in any given situation.

Product Description

Banish Negativity, Remove Obstacles, Achieve Desires, Create Harmony, Gain Prosperity

This spell is tailored to your immediate need from the realms of your own imagination. Specific or general, this custom casting can assist in many areas of your life from attracting love and improving your career prospects to removing blockages and banishing negativity. This specially prepared ritual is conjured just for you and is exclusive to your personal request.

My offering is of a unique nature, drawing on influences from occultism’s finest practitioners, historical practices in witchcraft and the energies that transcend the bounds of conscious human experience.

The casting is prepared and executed on your behalf and provides you with a means to interact with and strengthen its workings to see you through to the realisation of your objective. Follow your heart’s desire and open your mind to allow this creative conjuring to immerse itself within your subconscious so that you may assume its true power.

Important Information

You are purchasing a spell that I will cast on your behalf. Please include your full name and date of birth. Where others are involved, please include any of their personal details of which you are aware. Images may be submitted for inclusion where appropriate though are not essential to my work. One ritual covers a specific issue or aspect of your life where you feel magick would make a real difference.  Multiple rituals may be purchased as necessary.


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