Dark Energies Tarot Reading

Dark Energies


Drawing nine cards from a trio of darker themed decks (Vampire, Zombie & Crows Magick Tarot), I will expose the negative energies and people interfering with your goals.

Product Description

Nine Cards to Reveal and Overcome the Challenges You Face, False Friends and the Negative Forces Affecting You

If you are ‘stuck in a rut’, experience recurring negative outcomes in situations or relationships, or feel physically and spiritually drained on a regular basis, this Dark Energies reading provides an in-depth consideration of any malevolent influences currently affecting you and how you may best overcome them.

Unearth the hidden elements surrounding your current situation as I attune to the Vampire, Zombie and the Crow’s Magick Tarot. Drawing nine cards in total, I work with my spirit guides to reveal the negative energies or people actively inhibiting your progress in any ambition or desire you seek to fulfil.

This reading is suitable for general guidance or specific questions on the potentially challenging aspects one’s life.  Your obstacles will be exposed and any mysteries unravelled as your path forward becomes clear.


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