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Inter-Dimensional Ectoplasmic King Were-Tiger

Enchanting Reverse Adoption Spirits



Product Description

Enchanting Reverse Adoption Spirits – Let Your True Companion Come Forth To Touch Your Heart, Mind And Soul – A┬áMagnificent, Caring And Benevolent Spirit Just For You

Have you ever desired to be the chosen by a spirit or wanted to know who or what is truly in-sync with your vibrational energy to the point of telepathic understanding? Ever wondered as to your soul’s true affiliation and you really are?

This reverse adoption process transmits your unique psychic signature onto the Astral airwaves as a calling that will be heard by any spirits attuned to your ethereal frequency.  Realize your glorious potential with a real soul-mate at your side, rekindle past-life connections, experience spiritual wonder and enchantment that stirs the soul to distraction.

Your spirit will be bound to a beautiful silver and glass bead presented on a silver chain and full details will be sent sent via email in a formatted pdf document.


Items may be reserved so long as a specified checkout date is provided. If you make a reservation request and I do not respond, I am away from my personal computer and therefore unable to do so – your message is not being ignored.

Please only request a reservation if you are 100% certain you wish to purchase the vessel. It is not always possible to re-home spirits that may be considered ‘rejected’ if you were to choose not to fulfil your commitment to them. The spirit may suffer considerable distress as a result so please bear this in mind when making your request.

Please contact me should you have any questions and I shall be happy to assist you.


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    Hot faithfull lovers! A sex Djinn! Your soulmate looking like a Bollywood or Hollywood star! This conjurer is able to realize your wildest fantasy within a respectfull way. A safe way of working and conjuring a trusted lover that comes through, and binding it to a vessel bringing both lovers together in a hot, loving and passionate relationship. She has conjured many past life lovers for me, in the astral and in the meanwhile they have already manifested for me in material life. I did have several interesting experiences with them. One of them did manifest immediately after the conjuring. Some may takes some weeks to manifest and others do manifest faster, depending on intensifying the bounding process through additional spellwork. I had sudden pleasant erotic experiences with a ghost, who was a business man once. Later on she did a free gift of a soulmate looking like a real Bollywood movie star who came through out of his freewill. The experience is unimaginable exciting, and the fact that a trusted conjurer is standing behind her work, and is going to extreme lenghts to satisfy her customers in a safe and exciting way, is a great feeling, which can only be found within her shop.

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