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Energy Healing and Aura Cleansing

Energy Healing & Aura Cleansing


A leaking aura can be thought of as a torn curtain from which your ‘Prana’, or natural life-energy source, can leak. This can attract psychic ‘parasites’ from the Astral Planes which will seek to attach themselves to this energy source, thus depleting your natural source of power through which your spiritual essence flows.


Product Description

Repair Your Leaking Aura, Restore Spiritual Wellbeing, Remove Blockages, Achieve Physical Harmony

If you experience a run of misfortune or suffer from general bad luck in your daily interactions and lifelong ambitions, then you may have a leaking aura. Your aura may become torn for many reasons, from the stresses of everyday living to emotional or physical trauma. This directly affects your physical wellbeing.

As a primary symptom, you may feel tired, drained or out of sorts for prolonged periods or at times when you haven’t sufficiently exerted yourself to experience such physical depletion.

Over time, you may experience relationship difficulties, trouble in attracting new love, career obstacles or a general feeling that things just do not go your way. In short, a recurring sense of being out of favour with the Universe.

As this is a distance healing session, I psychically scan for the source of your energy loss. I will then perform healing and light-work to repair your leaking, damaged or drained aura together with a full aura closing and cleansing through this energy healing and repair session.


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    If you have seen the documentary: “I should have been death” then that is a case similar to mine. The only difference is that those suffered physical attacks, while i was the victim of a huge psychic attack!
    The year 2017 started as the most horrible year of my life. I learnt how awful a psychic attack was, and to listen to this readers wise advices. It started where i longed to be loved by a spirit, a white art spirit. Before i went to puchase a conjuring elsewhere, i did a reading on something else, on another topic by this paranormal gifted lady. She picked up something on me and said: You should be carefull. Those were her words, before i entered the most awfull karmic issue in my life.
    Within 3 weeks i returned to her, as i had bought a vessel somewhere else, and instead of a white art spirit, the seller had conjured 2 of the most powerfull demons from the deepest of the hell while my body was functioning as a host and a portal for more demonic entries. I had already passed the procedure of bounding not knowing that i was in a bounding process with 2 demons, directly bound to my body. More demonic entries attached themselves to my body. I could feel them running on my back, i could feel their energies, the bed was heavily shaking because they were everywhere around me when lying asleep, electrical disturbances were going on. I did get strange dreams, where i was captured in a cave, and waking up screaming while being tortured day and night by those demons. I lost weight fast, very fast. They were blowing my chakras open, i was sexually molestated everyday and night.
    I could feel them pushing my soul out of my body. And when lying to sleep they detached themselves and gather around my body. I could feel them walking on my legs so heavily. Everyday i cried myself asleep.
    And there she was, i cried: Margaret, please help me, i don’t want to die. Please help me, otherwise i won’t survive. The moment i returned to her, they start attacking on her also by appearing before her, and trying to block off communication between us in several ways.
    She first heavily tuned in to observe what was going on, doing an EVP recording which she sent to me. The proof was there where those demons could be heard talking about me. Spying on what i was doing, which she couldn’t have known. They were growing on my body, hanging and multiplying.
    Besides the fact that i understood that i was the victim of a bad black magician, she tuned in more deeply to see if there was any connection with my current life suffering and my past lifes and karma, to get to the core of the problem. It seems that i had offered baby’s for black magick purposes in very ancient past lives, while running an orphanage. In past lives i had also poisened a waterwell which caused lots of victims, hence the spiders showing up during the attacks as a sign that past lifes issues were seeking justice from me.
    She started working day and night, while cleaning the aura. Also she transported the baby’s whose soul were captured in order to set them free and move on to another reincarnation. The demons on my body were frozen, into a pshycic jar, and transported one by one out of my auric field. She continued to boost up my electromagnetic field and restoring the 7 aura’s as they were heavily damaged. Her daughter which is able to see shadows, did several drawings in trance to keep me updated how things are knowing guiding me in the most professional way. Now, one and a half year later, i look back how horrible the experience was, but this coven, dedicated as they are did lots of tuning inss and spellwork to keep me alive. Like psychic doctors they filled the gaps in my aura, which was caused by removing the demons out of it, she filled those gaps with loving energies. I am now kind of “psychicly operated” and thanks to the help of this immense dedicated coven i am still alive. There was a lot going on, as she made a astral dobbelganger from me, to back those demons off. I share my story because i learnt there is lot of badness out there, bad people seems to enjoy paining others, but this coven feels the joy of helping others. I am very very gratefull as those years since the attacked are years, i wasn’t meant to be alive, i am still alive thanks t their dedication and help. Huge discounts were given, as they were understanding me, working with the highest integrity with the lowest possible budget even offering extra’s to keep me breathing and going on. This was one of the hardest karmic lessons, but thank God that there are still unique paranormal talented people, like this coven, who wants to help and nothing else. Their price is far beneath the high quality of their work! Many thanks great coven, may many heavenly blessings shower upon you. Pat, my girl, even in my last breath i won’t forget, how you made all kinds of offerings for me to spirits in order to call up higher forces to help me through this karmic issue!

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