Fantasy Demon Monster

Feel You’ve Been Hexed?


Hex removal for situations where crossed conditions and bad luck seems to occur too much or happen anyway, even though you are trying your best.

Product Description

Uncover and Fix the Source of Prolonged Ill-Fortune, Relationship Problems and Financial Struggles

Everyone has the odd bit bad luck here and there. It is reasonably normal to not always win and not always get what you want. But what happens if you get stuck in a situation like that and then more and more bad luck and things going wrong seem to heap up on the first bit until there is a mountain of negativity hanging around you and you almost get stuck in translation and just can’t seem to move forward other than taking one step forward and three back.

Sometimes there is a karmic or past life influence at work. Other times you may have tapped in to a passing ‘negativity cloud’ – a source of negative cosmic energy floating around in the atmosphere.

Alternatively, you may know someone who has brought crossed conditions to your door or hexed you and this may need removing or reversing in order for you to have a chance at a much happier life.

I will look in to your problem for you and reverse/remove the crossed conditions or hex so you will be free to build up your life happily again.


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