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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Pact Reading


This reading channels your Guardian Angels to see if they are still working for you and where necessary will reconnect you, or find new Guardian Angels to make to make things right for you.

Product Description

Are Your Angels really helping you?

Everyone has allotted Guardian Angels who are there for a specific purpose. They are supposed to assist in times of trouble and help you when you call them. Unlike other Angels, the Guardian Angels are special Angels who are meant to help when you get stuck in life and this can be over a multitude of problems or life experiences.

Unfortunately all too often these Angels have become detached from you and so they no longer do their allotted tasks or jobs. This can mean that you are left unguarded at crucial times and moments when you really need them to be there.

It is possible to call on new Guardians to give help and care as well as vitally covering your back in times of need or even just generally.

I will connect to your Guardian Angels telepathically and magically, find out what they are doing and if they have flown off, been distracted or set to other duties elsewhere, I can also call on new Guardians to give you the totally crucial help, protection and guidance that you may be looking for in many life situations right now.

I will make a pact for you either with your existing Guardian Angels or if necessary with new Guardian Angels which I will connect to personally to make sure they give you their best attention in any or all of your very important life situations.


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