Healing Your Family Patterns

Healing Your Family Patterns


This psychic Ancestral family patterns reading concentrates on how your ancestors may be affecting your life today and if they are doing so in a negative way – I will also tell you several ways to actually contact your ancestors yourself, should you wish to do so.


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Healing Your Family Patterns by Channelling the Wisdom of Your Ancestors – A Psychic Reading to Reveal the Cause & Remedy to Life’s Fallouts

Many Ancestors only want the best for family who come after them, but there are some strong minded ancestor spirits who do not want to let go and who do attempt to assert a hold over certain present day family.

Because they all share ancestral family patterns, it is very much easier for an ancestor to do this than is thought, because they are energetically connected to you though a profound spiritual line.

Certain messages from the past may become ‘lost in translation’ as the stronger willed ancestors put another spin on the situation which more meets their own needs. These ancestor spirits can also take energy to strengthen themselves from incarnate relatives and indeed be psychic vampires attached to, or even inside the aura of their relative.

There are ancestors who will become your spirit guides and other ancestors who may well seek to piggy back on you, living life again through psychic remote influence on their relative.

Some people have energy or healing work to do surrounding their ancestral connections and need to contact certain ancestors in order for them to sort out issues which have manifested in this life but also have roots in the past.


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    Thank you so much for the reading. You were spot on in describing my grandfather and my father who came through. Everything you said about them was accurate. I will work with my ancestor to better my situation.

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