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Mystical Forest

In-Depth Psychic Reading


This psychic reading provides a detailed look at the circumstances surrounding your question and your thoughts on a situation in which you currently find yourself. It can be about love, your career, home-life or just about anything else close to your heart.

Product Description

Detailed Insight on Complicated Questions and Situations – What to Do, When to Do It and How to Get What You Want

This in-depth psychic reading can focus on love, your career, home-life or just about anything else, AND you are free to ask questions related to your initial query when sending details for your reading, which allows for greater depth on complex situations.

I am happy to provide general assistance within a reading which can also be a general look into a specific aspect of your life.

You are welcome to provide any photos or information that you feel necessary for the reading. This can strengthen my connection on a particular person or situation. Do not worry though if you do not have anything as such, my trust in my guides and my abilities to connect do not make this a necessity.

I make no specific requests other than that as a minimum you let me know as to what area of your life you would like me to look into. Beyond that, it is entirely up you how much detail you wish to share for the reading.

I don’t beat about the bush or sell you a dream – I will tell you exactly what I see and give you insights on how to address the challenges that hinder your awareness and progress given the circumstances in question.


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    Een geweldig nauwkeurige helderziende. Zeggen en doen zijn twee verschillende zaken. Uit ervaring kan ik zeggen dat deze helderziende heel recht door zee is en werkt in daden, geen onbenullige praatjes maar het echte werk doen. Zij heeft paranormale gaven en is zo bovennatuurlijk creatief in het vinden van oplossingen, om karmische terugslagen te overbruggen. Petje af, geweldige helderziende, mijn respect voor je gave! In de afgelopen jaren heb ik meegemaakt dat je me steeds het onderscheid wees tussen wat karmisch wel en niet mag en dat je er niet voor terugdeinst om te zeggen dat als iets niet getolereerd wordt door hogere energieën, jij je ook niet daaraan wilt wagen. Je hoge mate van integriteit en de passie voor je werk, heeft veel ontzag bij mij teweeggebracht!

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    This is an absolutely invaluable service for one who seeks the full answers to his or her question! I purchased the reading to find out what form my spirit animal takes as I have been longing to connect with it and work with it. The store owner really went above and beyond in this reading for me. Not only she described my spirit animal, but also explained what having this spirit animal reveals about me as a person and what future I am destined to have with this spirit animal. She was impeccably accurate about every single thing she discussed!

    I also purchased the same reading for my son, in which she identified his spirit animal and revealed to me how his spirit animal manifests in his character, what interests/career choices he is most likely to have/make in his life and how he would be perceived by others. Such information, as a parent, is invaluable to me because it helps me better understand my son, encourage him in living a fulfilling life, while at the same time raise him to be a good and positive person. Once again, in her spirit animal/character and future analysis of my son, the store owner is shockingly accurate about the things already manifesting. Such perception demonstrates not only how exceptionally gifted she is, but also how in-tune, thoughtful, caring and devoted she is to the uniqueness of each of her clients and the work she does for them.

    I am a return client and will remain one while I walk my journey in this lifetime. I will not ever trust another one to guide, guard and support me the way she does. Thank you!

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