Reverse Negativity Spell Casting


This ritual attacks the root of the problem and is geared to blast back the bad and give you a clean sweep, leaving you free to have a fresh start.

Product Description

‘Return to Sender’ with this Protection and Empowering Ritual

Do you feel wronged, by someone or bullied? Or maybe attacked negatively by forces unseen? Do you feel that their negative energy has got in to your life or that an unknown force is causing trouble for you? If you have found that formulas that used to go well for you have suddenly stopped working or even negated themselves over a period of time then you may be the victim of another’s ill will or bad vibrations.

Bad energy acts like a snowball rolling down a hill. It is magnetic. Pick up one bit of bad energy and a lot more can follow in quick succession. Before long a person’s auric field can become damaged under the strain of negative thought forms. This can encourage psychic attack as well as a whole host of extra problems ranging from general bad luck, lack of love, or love break ups, career problems, housing problems, financial problems to illness and sometimes exhaustion.

This very powerful ritual is designed to send the negative energy in a person’s life right back where it came from.


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