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Talking to Heaven

Talking To Heaven Psychic Reading


This is a mediumship reading conducted with the oracle of the same name to contact loved ones in the spirit world and receive simple yet profound wisdom and guidance.

Product Description

Messages from Loved Ones and Ancestors on Your Questions, Dilemmas and Decisions

Through ‘Talking to Heaven’, cherished spirits will impart messages of wisdom, hope and comfort to point you in the right direction if you are facing a dilemma in love or life, need to make an important decision that will affect your future, or most importantly of all, need to know if a loved one is happy on the other side.

You are welcome to provide any photos or information that you feel necessary for the reading. This can strengthen my connection to a particular person. Do not worry though if you do not have anything as such, my trust in my guides and my abilities to connect do not make this a necessity.

I don’t beat about the bush or sell you a dream – I will tell you exactly what I see and give you insights on how to address the challenges that hinder your awareness and progress given the circumstances in question.

If you have any queries, you are welcome to contact me and I will promptly respond.


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    What a lovely reading. This reading has helped me so much! The first thing she brought up was an instant connection to my situation. Not only did this reading give me answers to things I’ve been worried about but it gave me hope that you know, things will be okay. I believe everything happens for a reason and our loved ones will always be with us in whatever way they can. We are not alone in this world no matter how lonely we feel at times! I would definitely recommend this reading, if you’re just curious but not sure if you should give it a go or not, I say just go for it!

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