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Black Cat Oracle

The Famous Black Cat Oracle


Call upon the spirits of Black Cat oracle to enlighten you on the intricacies of life's challenges.  Wise, witty and very generous in their guidance, they can assist and inspire you at every turn.

Product Description

Explore Your Life Path to Define Your Hopes, Dreams and Wishes

The Black Cat Card Game was originally published by Parker Brothers in 1897.  Today, the cards are very rare which only adds to their uniquely enchanting nature.  Every card carries its message through the image a mystical black cat.  They are particularly suitable for getting to the heart of any matter and bring a sense of hope and wisdom when pursing your desired outcomes under more challenging circumstances.

Their nature lends itself to the foretelling of lucky breaks, good fortune, second chances and new opportunities.  Their messages will illuminate areas of uncertainty, offering you insight and guidance, and light the path to achieving the things you really want in life.


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