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Vedic Palmistry And Shadow Psychic Reading

Vedic Palmistry And Shadow Psychic Reading



Product Description

This is a very special reading using Vedic or Indian Palmistry and also looking in to the ‘shadow hand’. The Shadow Hand is the Astral Hand that defines what kind of Fate a person will have in different areas of their lives. You will be asked to send a photo of your hand and if possible date of birth. Include your right hand for practicality and left hand for spirituality. See what The Hand has to tell you in your life’s mystical journey.


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    This is a very accurate reading. It described me perfectly and answered a nagging question that I have had for years. The answer makes sense to me. I was truly impressed in what you said about the lines changing. It has happened numerous times as I noticed that at times the lozenge symbol is less pronounced and at other times it is clearly visible. It becomes more visible when I dwell on its meaning.
    Thank you. It was a lovely and informative reading.

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