Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle

Wisdom of the House of Night


This is an unusual and intriguing oracle deck that uncovers secret, dark or hidden things around a situation. Are you being cheated on? Is something in your life not quite as it should be or do you feel that your life is a bit off kilter or out of sorts but are not wholly sure exactly why this should be? Do you feel you are being played by someone – a partner, a friend, a boss?

Product Description

Oracle Reading to Reveal Secrets, Hidden Meanings, Rivals, How to Overcome Obstacles

The Wisdom of The House of Night Oracle Cards are very good for situations covered by the night-tide, the moonlight of the emotions – and also the night sea tides as the moon pulls the waters backwards and forwards by gravity.

This in-depth reading will be looking for all that is hidden within a situation and of course how best to straighten the matter out or shine a light in to the darkness of the most furthest recesses of the soul of the matter.

The reading will dig deep in to the murky waters of intrigue to restore clarity and bring peace of mind once again as far as is possible with the situation, so you can sleep easy once more.