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Working With Color Therapy For Powerful Healing And Radiant Vitality


Colors are all around us, defining our world and in many cases, its meaning. But what if they could do a whole lot more for you on both a physical and spiritual level?


Product Description

My work in color therapy goes back 16 years when I acquired a now rare text in this field. Over that time, I have honed my skills and use of this therapy as a means to transform various aspects of one’s existence, from significantly improving physical ailments to heightening spiritual connections and raising emotional vibrations.

Color Therapy represents a multi-faceted approach that connects with Spirit on different frequencies according to the color(s) you are working with to achieve a specific goal. This energy transcends the spiritual realms to manifest its power in your physical endeavour.

The simplistic nature of using color to raise your power is what makes it so powerful and yet so simple; aligning yourself with a color’s energy and power can be as simple as changing your shirt, with the awareness to understand why you’re doing it.

For those wishing to elevate their awareness to another level, colors can help to intensify your spiritual links as you connect to the Immortal Beings, guardians, angels and ancestral spirits – the ultimate energy source to redefine your existence and experience.

You will receive a considerately compiled and easy to follow pdf file to introduce you to color therapy and the ways in which you may unlock its true potential on many levels.

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